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Business Model

What Does “beever” Offer?

We are PT Beever System Indonesia, based Fintech start-up established in 2016 developing innovative contents “beever”.

We focus on life of unbanked people highly populated in frontier economies where they tend to own more mobile phones than before as central tools for cashless payment as well as communication.

We think deeply about how to contribute to changing their life safer and more efficient in post-coronavirus era. Our solution is to provide digital eMoney platform that is operatable in your hands without going to bank ATM. Anytime anywhere you can top-up salary and access to various functions of both payment settlements and digital financial products.

We also implement B2B2C operation where the credit risk among employee is guaranteed by company, and we ally with successful conglomerates who well understand local as well as global capital market which helps us do quicker marketing and more strategic operation.

We wish "beever" could be a paradigm shifter in the world of cashless payment among unbanked people.

World wide trend

Unbanked people tend to own more mobile phones than before in Southeast Asia. Clearly there exists a huge demand for mobile cashless payment at each transaction for daily shopping.

beever, with a mission to become a leading global financial services group has been investing in South East Asian banking and financial institutions, and scale our business model in line with our vision to become a leading fintech holding company in the region.

beever beever sees a unique investment opportunity in the blockchain space in Indonesia – a token backed by a well-run, financial services conglomerate operating in a crypto-neutral environment.

eMoney Platform

In general eMoney platform connects banked world with unbanked employees in a way of digital money remittance, and enables employees to pay settlements and remit money. For example they can purchase products with QR code and pay bills using eMoney that was remitted by their friends a fewseconds ago. This paradigm shift in unbanked economy has just started to happen around global frontier countries.

Digital Financial Aggregator


  • Receiving advanced salary anytime, anywhere for urgent payments
  • Quick digital services for remittance and payment settlements
  • Getting free from financial concerns. Focusing on investment.


  • Effective social benefit in order to keep talented employees staying longer
  • Protecting employees from COVID19 infection.

Business Content

Salary Advance Perspective

Employee Motivated to come to work.

Company Reduced employee turnover rate.

Advance 3 Parties scheme

Our 3 Parties scheme (beever-Companies-Financial Partner) allows flexible business model to penetrate multiple kinds of market.

Payment Gateway Idea

Unique Data Analysis

Beever System Indonesia, PT enables its access to obtain employees all data from upstream to downstream such as; Work attendance, Profile analysis for fired employees, How much , How often, for What they use money, Salary amount, Family structure, etc. Our attribution analyses are very unique, accurate to comply with wide range of items, so no other competitors can imitate

Data Science

Business Flow

Three important process of data curation, analytical team and business application. Enabling us to have proprietary data which other group never create and develop various products that simulate the process of human behavior in a way science can capture.


Targeted Segment Advertisement

Predict influential segments and provide them precise customized and personalized ads.

Loan Credit AI Assessment

Calculate precise AI credit score based on historical data on between user’s attribution, market environment and bankruptcy probability. Block Chain technology is applied for fraud detection and prevention.

AI Insurance

Calculating precise AI option premium based on historical data on between user’s attribution, market environment and life event probability, Block Chain technology is applied for fraud detection and prevention.

Strategic HR Consulting

Enhance retention rate by hiring people with higher loyalty and eliminate ones with less loyalty, predict segment of candidates that match or mismatch to company’s job requirement as example introduction of talented Asian candidates to Japanese companies vice versa.

Salary Advance Experience

Our Roadmap To Reach Your Easy Financial Solutions


Registered Users


Active Users


Number of
total drawdowns

US$ 4 Mn.

Value of monthly loans

15 days

Average loan duration


Non-performing loans

Our Partner

All with local partners, including successful conglomerates, legal firm, investment banks and VC/PE investment firm,
who understand global capital markets in order to leverage strong relationships with local businesses, governments


Our team assembles a unique set of profiles combining Japanese and ASEAN very senior experience in Fintech, IT & data science, asset management, investment bank, PE, companies, strong ability to understand ASEAN cultures and deep local network for sourcing pipelines and developing business. For examples, we have members from Japan, Indonesia, Mongolia and other countries having global experience / education background.

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Jakarta Pusat 10350

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Monday – Friday at 08:30 AM – 17:30 PM

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